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Many trades and self employed freelancers charge clients based on hours worked. Tracking time as you work is a far more efficient way to create accurate invoices rather than trying to remember and estimate the time worked after the event. It also creates a higher degree of trust for your clients. Many clients never quite understand how long projects take and are naturally rather skeptical. Time Trader allows you to always refer back to the time worked on any particular day and if you want you can enter notes to qualify what aspect of the job you were previously engaged in.

Time Trader lets you record time on particular tasks or projects in real time, meaning you have a running clock that you can launch when you start a task, and you can stop when you finish. However, in addition, Time Trader has several different ways you can enter time. You can enter hours directly, you can enter hours by entering the start and end time or you can use the instant default Full Day button.
If you accidentally leave a timer running while you take off for lunch you can adjust the time before saving it. In addition, if you get distracted and forget to start the time tracker you can adjust the start time while the automatic timer is running.

Time Trader has been designed for freelancers and small businesses and solo entrepreneurs in mind. It has the added functionality for tracking time across small teams and allows you to charge time at different rates according to individual team members. You can also set the hourly rate for individual clients which can override any team member set rates.

Being ever versatile, Time Trader offers expense tracking in addition to time tracking, letting you easily record purchases, miles you drive, and other reimbursable expenses. It is all set up for rapid data entry so no need for awkward typing on the soft keyboard and you can always enter data using the Google voice typing.

You can use all these fantastic features for free and should you wish to use some of the more advanced you can upgrade with the monthly Pay as You Go option for practically nothing or the more economic yearly subscription. You will find Time Trader far less expensive than other Time Tracking apps with half the features.